Shipping & Orders

How much is AUS shipping?

Domestic shipping is free for all orders over $75. Orders will be shipped through Australia Post.

Further information can be found on our shipping page.

How much is international shipping?

Shipping is free for orders over AUD $185, and AUD $55 for all other orders. All orders will be shipped through DHL.

Further information can be found on our shipping page.

USA orders may be made direct through our USA local website and domestic shipping will apply: https://us.sienna.co/

What payment methods do you accept?

All prices default to Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST Australia. We accept payment via PayPal, Apply Pay, Google Afterpay, Credit or Debit Card. We use a payment gateway that seamlessly and securely with your preferred payment.

If you are shopping via our USA website all pricing is in USA dollars (USD).

I placed an order but never received a confirmation email, What do I do?

We firstly recommend checking your spam/junk folder in your email. Alternately, if you have used an Express Payment option it is possible that your confirmation email may have been sent to the email address
associated with your express checkout account. This is common with Paypal, Afterpay Apply Pay and G Pay. Should you require further assistance, email your full name, email address and details of your order (order number, items, etc) via our contact form and we will investigate this for you.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We aim to process orders within 1-4 business days. Delivery times may vary according to destination. Tracking can be found in your order confirmation email. Factors outside of our control may impact order arrival times including, but not limited to COVID-19.

How can I track my order?

Tracking can be found in your order shipment email. If you haven’t received this please email us with your full name, email address and details of your order (order number, items, etc) via our contact form and we will investigate this for you.

How can I use my Gift card?

1. Add your desired items to cart, then either View Cart or Checkout.

2. Enter your gift card number in the box provided and click ‘Apply Coupon’. If you are shopping via a mobile phone or tablet you can add the gift card code in ‘Show order summary’ at checkout.

3. The value on the gift card will be deducted from the total cart amount. Any amount over the gift card value will require payment via your preferred payment method. Any amount under the gift card total will remain on your gift card.

Check your gift card balance. Should you require assistance, please contact customer service prior to payment.

Please note Gift cards are not redeemable for cash. Gift cards are only redeemable on the website they were purchased on eg. Australia / USA websites.

How can I use my promo code?

To use your promo code, simply add your items to cart, then either View Cart or Checkout. You will see a box where you will be able to enter your code. The discount will then apply to your cart total or the relevant product. Should you require assistance, please contact customer service prior to payment.

My coupon doesnt work.

Try applying your coupon at the cart rather than at checkout.


Where can I find a full list of ingredients?

The ingredients list is on each product page under the ‘Ingredients’ tab. You can also view it on the barcode label attached to the bottle; simply peel the outside label to reveal.

What is the difference between Sienna base coat and Top coat?

Sienna base coat is designed to assist coloured polish to adhere to the natural nail. It doubles as a nail strengthener by giving added support and looks incredible as a clear coat, naturally! We recommend using our base coat as the first layer to your manicure.

Our fast drying top coat is designed to protect your nail polish so we recommend using this as the final layer to your manicure. It speeds up drying time and gives a perfect protective, glassy finish. We don’t recommend top coat as a clear coat as its designed to stick to nail polish, not the natural nail, and may not adhere as well as base coat.

Where can I find reviews?

Reviews of our clean, sustainable products can be found on each product page. All of our reviews are made by Verified Buyers who have shopped via the sienna.co website.

Is your nail polish safe for pregnancy, chemo patients and children?

Unfortunately, no product can give you that kind of reassurance as all bodies and situations are different. We produce to the strictest safety standards and you can find the ingredients list on each product page. Please consult your health care professional for further advice if you are unsure.

Is Sienna gel or conventional Nail Polish?

Sienna is a conventional vegan and non-toxic nail polish formula that is cleaner and more natural than other nail polish brands!

Does your Nail Polish smell like normal Nail Polish?

Our nail polish still smells like regular nail polish as we require specialist ingredients to keep it in liquid form. These are the ones that give the classic nail polish odour and will be present as the nail polish is drying due to the liquifying ingredients evaporating.

How should I store my Nail Polish?

Nail polish is best stored in a cool and dry environment, away from heat and sunlight.

What is the best before date of Sienna Nail Polish?

You have 24 months from date of opening to use up your Sienna polish.

How does your Waterbased Nail Polish remover work?

Our nail polish remover is free of harsh chemicals, which means it may require a bit of extra rubbing and cotton pad saturation to ensure quick removal. It is recommended to firstly saturate the cotton pad with remover and wipe over all nails so the remover can begin to dissolve the polish while you work on each nail thoroughly. Note – extra layers will require extra time!

My Nail Polish is beginning to thicken, Is there anything I can do?

This can occur when solvents that keep nail polish in liquid form begin to evaporate over time. We recommend purchasing a nail polish thinner and adding a drop at a time to the polish to ensure the correct consistency is attained.

Hot tip – do not use remover to thin it out! Remover is designed to break nail polish down, so will only ruin it. And try to keep the lid on as much as possible to avoid thickening!

How is your Nail Polish made from Vegetables?

We use sugar cane, cassava, cotton and corn, which are synthesised through green innovation, creating key ingredients that form the basis of our nail polish.

Why is Sienna made in France?

At Sienna, we are continually striving for ultimate cleanliness combined with elite quality. This means we need to innovate our formula by using the best green science, most sustainable and ethical production, renewable plant-based ingredients, and have complete traceability at every stage. When researching new, plant based formulas, we realised we had to level up and make the move to Europe (who have been manufacturing cosmetics for centuries!).

Raw ingredients are not produced in Australia therefor this level of technology and pureness wasn’t available to us here. How does this impact our carbon footprint? Well it’s even lower than before! Going direct to the ingredient manufacturer means our products are doing less miles and most importantly we have much greater quality!

Sustainability & Ethics

What Accreditations do you have?

Sienna is very proud to be accredited by the following independent, internationally recognised auditing bodies who verify we meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

B Corporation

Safe Cosmetics Australia (the Toxic-free campaign)

Choose Cruelty Free Australia

Vegan Action (vegan.org)

Peta (Beauty without Bunnies program)

Cruelty Free International

To see more about these companies and how we work with them head to our Sustainability and Ethics page and this blog.

What is the difference between Cruelty-Free and Vegan products?

To start, Sienna is both cruelty-free and vegan certified (woohoo!) but did you know a company can be vegan but not cruelty-free and cruelty-free but not Vegan? Confusing isn’t it! Cruelty-free refers to not testing on animals, whereas Vegan means not including animal or animal by-products within ingredients.

Why doesn't Sienna use glitter?

Glitter. Those shiny little microplastics! We were the first nail polish brand globally to ban it from production as it has too greater environmental impact. Microplastics are found throughout the world’s oceans, ‘coating’ the water as a type of insulation and ingested by marine animals from plankton through to whales. It has been documented that when collected in their stomachs, glitter can cause seabirds to die of starvation.

Is your packaging environmentally (eco) friendly?

It sure is! Rather than use an unnecessary plastic cap, we use timber in our nail polish packaging. Our signature caps are hand crafted from a local, non-native wood, from the Byron Bay shire. We work to keep local rainforest areas free from this invasive species and allow native revegetation to flourish in its place. Our glass bottles are fully recyclable, and we operate an in house recycling program for nail polish bottles!

Do you have a recycling program?

Recycling Sienna bottles when they are empty is very straightforward. The timber cap can be put straight into your compost bin where it will break down organically. The plastic brush and glass bottle need to be cleaned with nail polish remover to make sure they are free of any excess residue. Then, simply place the bottles in your recycling. In terms of the brushes, not all recycling centres will accept them, so it’s best to check with your local facility first. If you are in doubt or unable to recycle either the bottles or brushes, please return them to us and we will add them to our in-house recycling program.

Why doesn't Sienna use the 7, 10, 12, 21 free labelling system?

When non-toxic nail polish arrived to support our health, planet and our manis, the ‘X-free’ branding of nail polish was used to show customers the number of chemicals a polish is ‘free’ from. Unfortunately, without a regulatory body for this type of branding it is fast becoming a race to include as much as possible in the ‘x free’ calculation and sometimes is including ingredients that are not commonly found in nail polish. We decided to step away from this and let our ingredients list do the talking. When looking to compare brands make sure to check the ingredients lists to verify where the brand sits in relation to others for cleanliness. We go into this in more depth in our ’10-free, 12-free nail polish explained’ blog.

Are you Halal certified?

Yes! We are Halal certified by Halal Certification Services and our nail polishes are independently tested to be breathable and water permeable.

Our polish has been scientifically tested to ensure osmosis occurs all the way through to the nail bed itself. Note this is not visible to the naked eye and the commonly used coffee paper saturation tests are not accurate. Osmosis happens through gently permeating the nail polish film so your nail bed will be touched by water.

Are Sienna Nail Polishes Breathable?

Sienna nail polish allows air to permeate through the surface of the polish. It has been scientifically tested to ensure osmosis occurs all the way to the nail bed itself. Note this is not visible to the naked eye and the commonly used coffee paper saturation tests are not accurate. Osmosis happens through gently permeating the nail polish film.

Does your Nail Polish packaging contain plastic?

We are as plastic free as a nail polish can be! Our bottles are made of glass and caps from a local, non-native timber. The only plastic components in the nail polish is the brush, which can be recycled at some recycling centres or returned to us for our in-house recycling program, and the small barcode label. As for our other products, the nail polish remover cap is plastic and the cuticle oil dropper has a small rubber squeezer.

Nail Polish Application (Tips & Tricks)

How do I choose a Colour to suit me?

We have a wide variety of colours to choose from so all likes and skin types should find the perfect tone! With all our nail colours, we have photographed them on various skin tones so that you have a better idea of what the colour may look on your nails and with your skin tone. These are included on each product page. We’ve also created a template in this blog!

Will the Nail Polish Colour look different on my screen vs on my Nails?

We take great care to create professional quality imagery with accurate colour representation, however every digital screen is calibrated differently, and may not represent colours accurately. We are unable to accept responsibility for these discrepancies.

How can i prevent chipping and extend the life of my manicure?

Nail polish can chip for several different reasons. Sometimes it’s nail strength & natural flexibility (hint – strong nails last longer!), sometimes application technique. Other factors to consider may be increased handwashing, alcohol from sanitiser, and oily residues remaining on the nail. To assess how long it will last on your nails go to this blog, and there are lots of things you can do to keep your manicure looking good for longer! We go over this in more detail in our how to maximise your manicure, and how best to do an at home manicure.

General Questions

Do you provide wholesale?

Absolutely! We welcome wholesale applications via our website. Please note we carefully assess each application to ensure suitability so make sure to complete every question giving as much detail as possible.

Where can I buy Sienna Nail Polish?

Sienna vegan and non-toxic nail polish is available for purchase online on our website.

Where can I find Sienna Stockists?

We are stocked in stores both in Australia and internationally. Please email hello@sienna.co with your location and we will let you know if we have Sienna stockists in your local area.

Rewards FAQ’s

We’ve got you covered. Find answers to all questions.

Sienna’s rewards program gives you the opportunity to score store credit, access exclusive sales, and more! As a member, you’ll earn points for every purchase you make and for engaging with our brand through social media and other platforms. Once you earn enough points to unlock rewards discounts, points can be redeemed like cash at check out!

Yes, your points expire after 12 months of inactivity (i.e., earning or redeeming points).

If you have a Sienna account, you’re already a Sienna Colour Club Rewards member! If not, click ‘Join Now’ above.

Many ways! You’ll earn points justby joining Sienna Colour Club. After that, points can be earned with each purchase, as well as sharing and following us on social media. See our full list of ways to earn above!

First, log into your account via the “My Account” icon at the top of our site, then click the “Rewards” icon for an overview of your points!

When items are refunded, the points you earned from that purchase will be deducted from your point balance.

Once you’re ready to check out, make sure to login and go to the rewards page. Click on “Redeem Points” and this will provide you with a coupon code to use at checkout. You can add as many rewards as your balance permits.

You must perform the action via the modal on the Sienna Rewards page. Please note that it could take up to 24 hours for your points balance to adjust. If your balance still doesn’t look right after this time, please contact our Customer Service team at hello@sienna.co and they can assist you!

Your tier eligibility will expire after 12 months from the date you enter the tier. Spending with us during those 12 months will renew your eligibility in that tier.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend this Loyalty Program at any time and for any reason in our sole discretion.

Refer A Friend – Give your friends $10 off on their first order of $78+ and get $10 (in points) for each successful referral. Referral coupon excludes sale and clearance products.