The Colours You Wear: How Your Wardrobe Reflects Your Personality

We all know fashion speaks volumes about who you are, but how does that translate to colours? Your wardrobe is a reflection of your personality - it doesn’t matter if you prefer bold hues or muted pastels; the colours you wear can say a lot about you. Take it one step further by considering how your choice of finger nail colour conveys even more personality traits than just what hangs in your closet. Whether a particular shade of blue calms you or pink evokes confidence, discover what choosing certain shades says and celebrate the awesome person beneath the fabric! Let’s explore why uncovering different outfits and polishes reveals secrets sure to help you shine with style all year round.


Medium brown skin woman wearing and holding Heartspace raspberry sorbet nail polish and holding to eye and smiling.

 The power of colour in fashion and why it is vital to self-expression

Colour plays a fundamental role in the world of fashion, offering wearers an opportunity to express their personalities and emotions. From outfits to accessories such as jewellery, hats, and totes, the power of colour can really bring an item of clothing or accessory to life. However, it is arguably more essential when it comes to items such as nail polish. With so many different shades of nail polish out there, picking the right one can seem daunting. But with any colour selection comes a unique opportunity for self-expression! Let your fingers be an open book and a proud proclamation from YOU to the world. Understanding that the best nail colours roll off your fingers like a visual diary isn’t just fun; it’s empowering!

 Woman with fair skin wearing Sunflower nail polish by SIenna with freckles and brown eyes.

How different shades of colours can change the energy you’re expressing

In fashion, they say that the devil lies in the details - which couldn't be truer when it comes to different shades of colour and how they can affect the message or energy expressed by your wardrobe. It's more than just the colours you choose; the lighter or darker shades within them can bring some nuance to your look that you may not have initially considered. 

When choosing a finger nail colour, it’s not just about picking the hue you think looks best – sometimes, it can also be about embracing a form of subtle self-expression. After all, nail colour is an outward statement and an invitation for self-appreciation! For example, choosing a vibrant red for your nails can signify confidence and vivacity and may reflect your desire to stand out, whereas opting for an on-trend shade like lilac might showcase your inner artist who loves pushing boundaries and seeking new experiences. 

Ultimately, choosing the best nail colour isn't just a way of showing off your fashion sense and expressing one's true identity! So next time you choose between shades, really take the opportunity to explore what each colour says about you and don’t forget to have fun with it!


Woman with medium brown skin wearing Passion nail polish by Sienna


Celebrities and stylists use their wardrobes and nail colours to make statements

When it comes to wardrobe choices and nail colours, no other grouping of people pushes the boundaries quite like celebs. From the daring and fiery red nails of Katy Perry to the confident black nail polish of Taylor Swift, celebrities have long been using their wardrobe and finger nail colour choices to make statements about their personal style and identity. Pop star Billie Eilish uses her unconventional wardrobe style offset with her long sharp blue-tipped manicure to defy traditional notions of what it means to be feminine. Meanwhile, Rihanna often opts for bright, vibrant colours on her nails and chic monochrome for her outfits – showing off an exciting mix of femininity and confidence. Such creative combinations of colours can convey a multitude of messages about an individual’s personality uniquely, giving us all the courage to explore different shades and tones that can reflect our own personalities.
Woman with fair skin wearing Karma & Sweetheart nail polish by Sienna with hands on face.

Some tips on how to use colour to reflect your personality in your wardrobe

When it comes to expressing yourself through colour, you can use it in your wardrobe in myriad ways. Go bold and introduce a statement piece in a unique colour, like fuschia or emerald green, to draw eyes to your outfit. Pick out subtle touches of colour through different textures and fabrics – between accessories like scarves and hats or even an oversized tote bag– all adding to your individual style. Don’t forget your manicure! A surprising pop of colour on your nail bed is an easy way to reflect your fun personality while still keeping it classy. Whatever you choose, colour is sure to make a statement – so select wisely.

Colour is a powerful and creative way to express yourself and your personality, and the opportunity to make a statement starts with your wardrobe. From subtle pastel hues to bold statement-making high-contrast colour blocks, you can use fashion to showcase your unique personality however you choose. Picking the best nail colour is another great way to add character and personalise your look. If you feel stuck on shade options, get inspired at Sienna. We have a vast range of colours and finishes that are sure to achieve whatever look you’re going for.

Moreover, our nail polishes are certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. If you have any questions about us or the products we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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