Shop Ethical: 10 tips to make the switch

Making the decision to shop ethical, is one that often people overlook or dismiss as too difficult to be a viable option. From the outside, it may seem like anything produced “ethically” is hard to access, limited in range and style- but when following the advice of a few very well researched individuals, we have discovered it is anything but! There are so many benefits to making the decision to shop ethical– helping the planet, saying no to animal cruelty, and having a positive impact on humanity.

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The first step (and simplest) in making your move to shop ethical, is to have conscious intent when purchasing. This means cutting out impulse spending, and making sure the items you purchase are adding value and purpose to your life.

When we embarked on our journey to shop ethical and reduce our impact on the planet, Eco Warrior Princess was our first port of call. Jennifer has a number of great articles and resources to guide you with purchasing decisions. The articles on 7 steps to reducing your fashion footprint, how millennials can save the world through eco fashion, and the buy nothing new challenge are all fantastic reading to delve into.

After scouring Eco Warrior Princess (for what may have been hours!) these 10 tips really struck a chord with us:

  • Think, do you need it? Is it a necessity or going to add value into your life? If no, you don’t need it.
  • Do your research. How is it going to be of use to you, what are the ethical and eco-friendly brands for the particular item, where can you purchase them from.
  • Is it possible to buy second hand? If it is, you’ll be doing the earth a favour by reusing an item rather than adding a new one into the cycle.
  • Have you chosen eco-friendly fabrics? This one is a no brainer, avoid synthetic where possible.
  • Shop local- by doing this you are supporting your community and local artisans.
  • Choose Quality- another no brainer. The price tag may be steeper in the beginning, but quality will last the test of time, making its cost per use a lot lower than an item you have to keep replacing.
  • Bring a resuable bag and say no to single use plastic.
  • Say no to packaging- another scenario where you can ditch the single use plastic.
  • Wash it less. Spot clean with a damp rag where you can, to lengthen its life.
  • Make it last. Simple tricks like washing less, learning how to mend holes, and storing it correctly will mean your item lasts significantly longer.

Even just employing one or two of these tips will dramatically reduce your impact on the world! Let us know how you go!

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