4 Steps to a natural nail polish routine

Applying nail polish should be a stress-free process, but many find themselves stressing over a nail polish routine that results in a flawless finish. The key is to have fun instead of focusing on perfection.

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To make the process of applying nail polish enjoyable and to achieve a look you’ll love, we share 4 essential nail polish application tips.

Step 1: Preparing Your Nails

Any great nail polish routine should start with the right preparation. If you feel your nails are too long, use nail clippers to trim them starting from one side and working towards the other to prevent them from splitting.
Next, use a cotton pad and water-based nail polish remover to thoroughly clean your nails. Don’t forget your cuticles. Gently push cuticles back with a flat stick or fingernail and apply some cuticle oil.

Cleaning nails thoroughly with soap and water ensures that nail polish adheres well to your nail. Once you have washed your hands, dry the nails thoroughly as any remaining oil will compromise the adhesion of the polish.

Now, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Apply a Base Coat of Nail Polish

The next step in your natural nail polish routine is to apply a base coat . Keep your hand somewhere stable, like a table and start applying the base coat nail polish until your nails are covered by a thin layer of polish. This is important to get an even colour and avoid a patchy look when your nails are finished. It will also prevent them from getting any stains if you’re using dark colours.

Allow the base coat layer to dry for approximately two minutes. This will give the solvents in your polish sufficient time to evaporate.

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Step 3: Apply Natural Nail Polish

Now for the best part. It’s time to choose your favourite natural nail polish colour!

Start by applying the polish in a stripe down the centre of the nail bed. Work your way to the side of your nails in thin, even layers. Finish the process by swiping across the tip of your nail to seal in the colour.

Repeat the process until all your fingernails have been coated with a layer of polish. Wait for about two to three minutes to allow sufficient time for your nails to dry.

You’re now ready to apply a second coat. When you have finished applying the second coat, wait for another two to three minutes for the polish to dry.

Step 4: Apply a Top Coat

This is the last step. You’re almost finished. Apply a quality natural top coat nail polish using the same method followed in Step 3. The topcoat will seal in the colour and give your nails a beautiful shine. The seal also helps prevent the chipping of the nails resulting in a longer mani.

Reapply the top coat every two to three days to keep the polish looking fresh and make sure to keep your hands hydrated throughout the day to give your polished nails a fresh look.

Rehydrate your cuticles and nails using a little cuticle oil and go around the nail, gently rubbing in the oil with the other fingers around the nail on the skin and not on the nail.

That’s it! You now have a set of beautiful looking fingernails.

Aside from following the right method, it’s also important to use products that will give you the best results and are safe.

At Sienna, we have a range of clean nail care products to help you take the best care of your nails without allowing toxic chemicals to enter your skin. Browse through our range of clean nail care products and find more helpful information on caring for your nails.

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