Nail art to see you through the holiday season

Christmas nail art in reds and greens can often be fun, but we prefer to go with nail looks that see us through the entire holiday season. The holiday nail art trends this season are modern and a little bit edgy and when accompanied by a beautiful combination of colours, you can’t go wrong. Our two favourite holiday nail art looks are the simple stripe and reverse French. They’re subtle enough for the day time, but enough to make your outfit really pop during the evening. Any combination of colours will work, we chose these combinations because of how beautifully they pop! Don’t think you need to be a professional manicurist or full-time nail blogger to achieve these looks either, they are quick and simple and don’t require anything other than the bottles of polish.

Stripe nail art

silver and bronze nail polish nail art on dark skin tone by sienna
Colours: Luxe and Transcend
  1. Apply our Sticky Base Coat.
  2. Follow with 2 thin coats of Luxe.
  3. Accent the nail with a stripe of Transcend from cuticle to tip, through the middle of the nail.
  4. Seal with our Lightning Top Coat.

Reverse french nail art

pastel peach and orange shimmer nail art on fair and dark skin tone by sienna
Colours: Sol and Harmony
  1. Apply our Sticky Base Coat
  2. Start with two thin coats of Sol from base to tip of nail
  3. Follow with two coats of Harmony– starting 3-4mm away from the base, and painting towards the tip.
  4. Seal with our Lightning Top Coat

With both manicures, allow enough time for the nails to dry- because you’re applying a few more layers than usual, this may take longer than usual. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy your new holiday manicure.

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