All the pretty pinks. The 8 most beautiful pink nail polishes

Do you have a favourite pink? Every mani lover has a signature pink nail polish they return to again and again, but if you’re still looking for your pink polish soulmate, we’re here for you. Come with us on a (virtual) tour of pink polish via the Sienna collection. From the dusty hues to the luscious pinks, here are some of the most gorgeous pinks we’ve created.

light pink nail polish bottles with timber cap by sienna

Sheer pink polish – it’s a classic for all the right reasons

A sheer wash of soft pink just feels right somehow – no matter the weather, no matter where you are – when you are styling a sheer pink mani, you’ll always feel polished. Peace is one of the most loved Sienna colours because it always works.

Pink sheer nail polish hand swatch on dark skin tone by sienna

Pinky-peachy goodness

It’s all about the holiday feels with this vibrant peachy pink. It’s essentially summer fun in a bottle and brings a look of total joy to your mani.

Peachy pink nail polish hand swatch on medium skin tone by sienna

Make it bright, baby

Give your nails a densely pigmented, wildly vivacious manicure with bright raspberry crème. A bold bright pink will elevate any outfit and give you all the confidence. And compliments.

bright pink nail polish on dark skin tone by sienna

Pastels and soft pinks

Bold, strong colours aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay when you have dreamy soft pinks like this. From rosewater pastel to blushing pink goodness for a clear true pink, soft pinks can do anything!

pastel pink nail polish hand swatch on fair skin tone by sienna

Pink. But make it neutral

Rosie and Serenity have something of a cult following among mani fans. Rosie is a unique shade that hits the sweet spot between pink and dusty mauve, while Serenity is a gift of a colour is reminiscent of a very pale, pink kaolin clay. These two magical colours are perfect for the neutral nail lover who wants a touch of pink.

dusty pink nail polish hand swatch on fair and Medium Skin tone by sienna

Ballerina pink

We all need a ballerina-style pink polish on-deck. It defies trends and is an eternal classic. Fall in love with the romantic qualities of cherry blossom pinks and dusty rose crème to nail this look.

ballerina pink nail polish on tan skin tone by sienna

Pink…. With crystals!

Who loves a little bit of shimmer magic, Sienna style? If you fancy a subtle touch of sparkle, a powder pink crème with a soft shimmer is your go-to. If you would like to bring the equivalent of pink champagne to your nails, well, we have just the colour for you too.

pink crystal nail polish hand swatch on dark skin tone by sienna

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