Eco christmas inspiration for the festive season!

It’s easy to get caught up in the fuss of Christmas, and to let things slip by the way-side when concerning reducing your environmental impact. This doesn’t have to be case though. We love all things luxe and beautiful, but we also like to consider the importance of making it as eco-friendly as possible. This is what we will be doing this holiday season, to ensure we are still celebrating the good things in life, and doing it in a meaningful way. We put together a couple of ways you can reduce your impact on the environment this year and have a beautifully luxe eco Christmas!


Christmas tree

Forget fake! Its not worth the impact it makes on the environment! There are so many alternatives that can be even more beautiful than artificial trees (probably because, they’re real!). Head out into your backyard, or down to a local park and scout around. There will be old branches lying on the ground (you may have to really scout around so be safe!), which are perfect for your new eco friendly Christmas tree. The rustic look is beautiful for Christmas décor and this tree is no different! Hang it from a hook on your wall, plant it in a pot or lean it up against a corner. Then get decorating! We love the look of a photo tree against the wall as well, a beautiful way to celebrate all the fun you’ve had during the year, and perfect if you’re short on space too!


Decorations are always the fun part! With the eco Christmas styling, getting a little bit creative will make beautiful results! Fresh flowers are a must, for your ‘tree’, for your table and around the house. Yes they will dry out eventually, but that’s a good excuse to head back to the markets and fresh bunches! Old jars filled with water look stunning with flowers and leaves floating on top, or a soy tealight candle.


You can’t deny it, the metres and metres of Christmas wrapping we buy each year, only to be thrown out Christmas night, is incredibly wasteful. But there are so many fantastic alternatives! Your eco Christmas isn’t complete without thoughtful use of recycled materials to wrap all those presents! Newspaper, and recycled brown paper are fantastic way of going green. Or even reuse shoe boxes or gift boxes so they get a few uses! We love the Australiana look when decorating our pressies, so head out into your garden or the local park and pick a few dried gum leaves off the ground, or some fallen flowers. A beautiful way to add an eco touch and help the environment at the same time!

eco-friendly kraft paper christmas gift wrapping with fir branches and green leaves
eco-friendly linen gift wrapping with lavender branches


You heard this one preached over and over again, it’s the thought that matters. So instead of heading to your local shopping centre and buying whatever jumps out at you, give your eco Christmas a little bit more thought, for a lot in return. There are so many eco brands out there with perfect gift ideas (we’re thinking Earth Bottles, iBark phone cases and Cork Leaf yoga mats)… Or even some eco-friendly nail polish! There is also a lot to be praised for homemade gifts. Body scrubs, moisturisers, face masks, candles, you name it, it’s possible to be made at home with significantly less impact on the environment compared with mass produced products!

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