The Conscience Gift Set is back

sienna nail polish gift pack

Our much-loved Conscience Gift Set is back! For a thoughtful gift, we re-introduce this eco-friendly set, for someone who needs that extra bit of care and consideration this season.

What’s in the set?

3 colours of your choice

This can be three of any colours in any combo you like! (If you’re choosing for someone else we recommend nudes/neutrals like Ambrosia, Stone or Serenity. Those colours are fairly safe as they suit most people!).

Essential Duo – Top and Base coat

Our base coat is designed to stick to your natural nail and give added support to your nail polish when its applied. The top coat provides a protective layer to speed up drying time and give a perfect glossy finish!

Nail Strengthener

This will be your new nail care favourite. Level up your selfcare routine with our healthy nail strengthener. It will give you the extra support needed to make your nails long and strong in between manis.

glass nail file on black sleeve by sienna

Everlasting Glass Nail File

Sienna glass nail files are a beautiful, eco-friendly addition to your manicure kit. They will never go blunt, so you can use it for years, avoiding disposable lower-quality files.

Our products are Vegan and Cruelty Free accredited, handmade with love and produced with the community and the planet in mind. Sienna is a company that focuses on ethics and sustainability in ALL of its products.

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