Classic nail polish colours to try this year

Nail polish is a fun way to express yourself while elevating your favourite looks. If you’re interested in adding a few more bottles to your collection this year, why not go for something timeless? Every nail polish collection needs colours that are non-seasonal and always trending. That way, you can wear them with confidence all year long! Overwhelmed with choices? We’re here to help! Here are four classic nail polish colours to try this year.

1. Soft pinks

No nail polish collection is complete without at least one or two shades of pink! Soft pinks are a fantastic year-round choice. They’re beautiful but subtle, making them practical for day-to-day use. Their softness will effortlessly complement your outfits rather than overpowering them. What’s not to love?

There are so many fab shades of pink nail polish out there for people of all skin tones and stylistic preferences. If you want your pink polish to stand out, you can opt for a deeper and glossier shade. If you prefer to keep things soft, you can select shades that are much closer to white than they are red.

Pink nail polish drop and hand swatch by sienna

2. Calming neutrals

When listing classic nail polish colours, nudes and neutrals should not be overlooked and are an absolute must if you haven’t experimented with them yet. While some may see them as too plain, to us, these shades scream elegance. There’s something effortlessly chic about colours that don’t require much thought, are subtle enough to match anything or blend with their surroundings and still look fantastic.

While we know nude and neutral nail polishes may be understated by nature, don’t discount the power of darker shades, like Nurture, to make quite the impression and draw some eyes while still maintaining the classic look that these colours are known for.

neutral nail polish ombre by sienna byron bay

3. Elegant reds

There’s nothing quite like a fresh mani with a coat of glossy red. Elegant red nail polish just oozes passion and romance. You really can’t go wrong with it, whether you’re drawn to lighter and more playful shades or dark and mysterious shades.

Red may seem too bold to be worn day-to-day, but that’s not the case. Depending on the shade, your red polish can match the lovely autumn leaves, spring’s strawberries, and so much more. Another unique advantage of red polish is that it’s both non-seasonal and perfect for celebrating both Valentine’s Day and Christmas!

Red nail polish drop and hand swatch by sienna

4. Classic white

They say black goes with everything, but the same is true for white! Classic white is fantastic for when you’re going for a minimalist and low-key mani. You can match it year-round with almost any outfit. It’s one of the easiest colours to pair with multiple looks and aesthetics, making it a staple of nail polish collections everywhere.

White nail polish exudes sophistication. It’s well suited to any event, whether you’re going out for dinner or shopping with friends. This shade is also incredibly versatile. You can go for a classy full coverage look or use it to create the perfect nail tips on a French manicure. If you don’t think classic white matches your skin tone, don’t worry! There are so many different shades that offer the same elegance and versatility, including off-white and white snow polishes.

classic white nail polish hand swatch on fair skin tone

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