Blues Fest Guide- get the most from the iconic music festival

Our ultimate Blues Fest guide

In case it’s your first year attending (or your 10th… maybe you just want a refresher!), we have put together a little Blues Fest Guide to ensure you get the most out of the festival! There are so many things that we think to ourselves…damn got to do that next year, so why not share the knowledge around! Be prepared for tiredness, potential dehydration, and to be covered in dirt and/or mud at most times, and you’ll have yourself a weekend full of memories.

Get enough sleep

Probably the most important in our Blues Fest guide! It’s most likely you will have late nights the entire 5 days, so take your opportunity to milk the sleep-ins and afternoon naps as much as you can! You may be full of energy in the beginning and eager to make the most of the festival, but by day 4 and 5, you’re going to be wishing you had taken the extra few hours sleep! Be kind to your body, you don’t want to be absolutely ruined trying to get back to work once the festival concludes!

Take time for yourself

Whether you’re a yoga guru, meditation aficionado, or just keen to try your hand at it, Blues is the time to do this! Surrounded by so many like-minded souls, you’re bound to find a morning yoga crew or shady meditation spot!

Keep out of the sun…

…where possible! It wouldn’t be a Blues Fest guide without some kinda of sun warning! Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the sun during those times you’re waiting for your favourite act to come on stage. Where you can, stick to the shade, and all the other times keep that big felt hat shading your face and sunnies on to avoid the glare. 5 days of squinting isn’t going to do your eyes any good!

Plan out your day so you don’t miss your favourites

Highlight who you’re desperate to see at the beginning of each day, so they don’t pass you by without realising! If there’s any gaps, take that time to stumble upon an artist you maybe hadn’t heard of. Some of the best Blues Fest memories are made in the spontaneous moments discovering new music!

Eat breakfast

Sleeping in, braving the lines for the shower and getting organised for the day doesn’t leave ample time for relaxing with some brekky- but it is so important! Whether is cereal in your campsite, or you catch a shuttle into Byron for a proper meal, make sure to fuel your body in the mornings (trust us, sometimes you find the perfect vantage point and don’t want to leave it for dinner or lunch!)

Prepare for everything

This doesn’t mean pack your entire wardrobe into a huge suitcase (If you want to though, by all means go ahead!), but just be prepared for all types of weather. We recommend bringing a warm jacket for late nights (that walk back to the car/campsite can be awfully cold if unprepared), and warm bedding for overnight. The days are unpredictable: warm, cold, rainy, muggy, if you can think of it, it will probably happen! Be prepared. And if you’re questioning bringing gumboots and a raincoat… just pack them anyway.

Make the effort

Your campsite is not only just a place to rest your head at night, it’s also your little sanctuary away from the masses. Take the time to plan before you arrive, so you can tailor your spot to be perfectly set out. Bring chairs, tables, and make yourself as comfortable as possible! You won’t have a huge amount of space to work with, so think a bit economical as well. Your car is perfect for storing clothes and valuables, plastic storage containers are perfect for storing anything that could be damaged if it rains while you’re in the festival (plus they stack easily), and don’t skimp on lighting! A few strings of fairy lights can go a long way!

Take this Blues Fest guide and do what you will! Above all else, immerse yourself in the undeniable joy and reverie of the festival. Don’t forget to stock up on some gorgeous festival ready nail polish shades for the 5-day event! There’s a reason why it has been such an institution in the Byron community for decades! You’ll make memories that last a lifetime (or at least until Blues Fest 2018).

Photo credits: Levis, Ozi Photography & Byron Campers

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