Best smoothies in Byron Bay to try this weekend!

Smoothie Magic – Try one, try them all. The Sienna Pick of the Best Smoothies in Byron Bay.

Walking around town with a smoothie in your hand is Byron Bay style personified. We all know you NEED tasty sustenance when embarking on a big day of browsing, don’t we. So before you set up, pop up to one of these Smoothie selling establishments and make your choice.

Fundies Whole Foods Café – 61 Jonson St, Byron Bay

This is our favourite café for smoothie-inspired people-watching! Fundies sits in the centre of Byron Bay, opposite the Byron Bay Railway/Bus station, in a heritage building that has been faithfully restored to its’ former glory. Drink up on the verandah or while sitting on the grass outside and watch in wonder and delight as the people of Byron Bay walk on by. If you are up for a challenge, try the Kombucha on tap. It’s a fruity, cloudy, slightly sour concoction that quenches your thirst and is good for you too!

Santos Health Food Store – 105 Jonson St, Byron Bay

We love Santos, and visit the Mullumbimby and Byron Arts and Industrial stores to collect our health food ingredients almost weekly. But the health food store in the centre of town is our favourite because of the delicious food, drinks and smoothies on offer at the café out front. Here’s a little tip: Head out through the doors at the back of the store to find a secret garden with chairs, tables and a friendly water dragon or two. It’s the perfect escape from the crowds on a busy Byron day too.

Cardamom Pod – Lawson St, Shop 7, the Pier Arcade, Byron Bay

This vegan friendly Hare Krishna café doesn’t do ‘smoothies’ as we know them, but if we may broaden the criteria slightly, we’d love to include their Rose or Mango Lassi. Lassi is a yoghurt based sweet thirst quencher from India, made from a blend of yoghurt, rosewater, spices, fruit, milk, and ice. It’s our favourite summer drink but delicious always! Stop by at Cardamom Pod for a light lunch and make this your drink/dessert!

DIY smoothie – ingredients from The Source Bulk Foods – Shop 1, 107 Jonson street, Byron Bay

If you are staying a while in Byron Bay, and have access to a blender, you might like to make your own. With so many health food offerings available, it’s the perfect place to try your hand at your own Byron-inspired smoothie recipes.

Forget the boring old banana/milk/ice-cream combination.

It’s time to experiment with homegrown recipes to make YOURS one of the best smoothies in Byron Bay. Here’s some possible inclusions from the The Source’s bulk food bins: goji berries, flaxseeds, chia seeds, psyllium husks, fresh dates, dried blueberries or mango, cacao powder, vanilla bean, coconut water, cashews, pepita seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. Fancy living on the edge once more? Use coconut water in place of milk. It’s an elixir around these parts.

We’d love to hear all about your smoothie experiments. Why not share a recipe with us today?

Sienna xx

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