top shot of dusty light and mid-tone pink nail polish bottles with timber cap on timber coaster and concrete background by sienna

It is the core values of our brand that drive our productivity on a daily basis. Staying loyal to the values established from the beginning of Sienna is what has driven our movement through the marketplace.

Our dedication to creating a product that is ethical, from inception through to arriving in our customer’s hands, is what influences every decision made from production, into marketing and sales. Our signature wooden caps are made from a destructive pest timber that is farmed for the sustainability of the native ecosystem. The timber is sourced locally and then hand-turned to create the gorgeous caps adorning every single bottle. Not only are the caps visually beautiful, they also cut down a huge amount of plastic that is used in generic nail polish caps.

Inclusivity is a priority. When developing the nail polish line, we envisioned a product that was accessible to all, regardless of race, religion, or gender. Our formula is breathable and water permeable, making it suitable for people of Muslim faith who are usually unable to wear generic nail polish. We are continually looking for avenues to broaden our scope in having a product accessible to all.