Our new plant-based formula is here.
Introducing a new era in clean nail polish. Our new exclusive plant-based formula is here.
pink nail polish bottles by sienna on beige background with sugar cane and cassava
Our commitment to sustainability is at the centre of everything we do at Sienna. We’re serious about bringing you the most sustainable nail polish – and our new innovative formula keeps it sweet for the planet, your health and your mani. This is a new level of purity in nail polish.
We are the innovators
Innovating means continually striving for a higher performance and for Sienna, that means the cleanest formula, the best green science, the most sustainable production, renewable plant-based ingredients, and complete traceability at every stage of development and production.
Honouring our commitment to you
Building on our pioneering vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic, Benzo-free, breathable formula, we are now the world’s first micro-plastic free, aluminium free and nano-particle free nail polish. We’re honouring our commitment to bring you the world’s cleanest and most sustainable nail polish.
Our new plant-based formula features
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Plant based ingredients with little to no waste by-product. We’re talking about raw ingredients including sugar cane, manioc (cassava), cotton and corn.
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The latest in cutting edge green science backed by a team of 40 researchers who specialise only in nail polish.
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A sustainable lab in a state-of-the-art production facility that transforms naturally-sourced ingredients via sustainable processes for an even smaller environmental footprint.
“83% of the total waste is recycled and 100% of any waste-water is treated.”
hand holding corn wearing red nail polish by sienna on beige background
A secure laboratory information management system provides complete traceability of all the raw materials used at every stage of development and during production.
traceability diagram sienna
“We are ahead of the strictest health and safety regulations in the world.”
Experience Clean Luxury
Of course, it goes without saying that our new formula builds on the quality of the polish while still giving you the luxe, modern Sienna experience you know and love. We’re thrilled to have you on the next step in our journey of ethical, sustainable nail polish.
A note from our founder
Thank you so much for joining the Sienna community. When I first launched Sienna, I never imagined we would be here: launching a new global-standard in clean, plant-based, luxury nail polish.

Everyone who has bought or received a Sienna product or interacted with us on social media demonstrates that there is value in innovation, sustainability, health and, of course, a great mani. Each one of you has inspired us to keep pushing forward to bring you an ethical and sustainable clean nail polish. Our new formula is for you. We went all over the world to find and refine this formula, and are so proud to offer a luxe, modern nail polish aligned with our values of respect for people and planet.

Our new formula is the cleanest yet. You will find renewable, plant-based ingredients on our ingredient lists from now on – right now there is corn, cassava, sugar cane and cotton. This is a luxurious experience powered by plants. Of course, we are still vegan, cruelty-free, breathable, inclusive and free from Benzophenone -1 and micro-plastics. But by committing to continual innovation, we have been able to take a step towards an even greener polish by removing aluminium and nanoparticles. We’ll never give up in our quest to create the best possible polish for the Sienna community. We hope you love this new formula as much as we do.

With gratitude,
Danielle – Creative Director and Founder