Our Beginnings

What started as a dream in the bedroom of a humble Byron Bay abode has developed into a symphony of colours representative of the beautiful local environment and community. Sienna was first introduced to the local Community at the Byron Bay Markets in 2014. The charming stall with 13 healthy nail polish colours was embraced by the local community and so the #SiennaLifestyle was born.

From humble beginnings, Sienna has now grown beyond the Shire with stockists all around Australia and Internationally. We take pride in seeing our long lasting pigments reminiscent of balmy evenings watching the sunset at the lighthouse, picnic dinners at the beach and the soft hum from the atmosphere in town travel across the world for everyone to enjoy. Read more about our story and our founder.

Our Values

Being in harmony with the environment and our surroundings is a pillar of the Sienna lifestyle. We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible with the start-to-finish of our production based in Australia to keep our carbon footprint low. All the components of our products are vegan and cruelty free- we source only the finest non-animal ingredients. Sienna nail polishes have the cleanest conventional formula on the market with none of the typical toxic chemicals found in many other polishes. The formula used is a healthy and clean alternative, a strong value for the Sienna brand. Our nail polish remover is made from soy and 100% renewable sources.

Most of the components used in Sienna Byron Bay nail polishes are sourced from Australia. The timber cap is from a non-native tree removed for forest sustainability and rejuvenation reasons and is hand-picked for its grain and colour qualities. Each cap is then individually hand turned. Our printing (using soy inks where possible) is through local companies and always on recycled card. The only aspect of our product that is from outside Australia is our vintage style glass bottle imported from Europe. Read more about our values and what drives us to make Sienna what it is.


Our Lifestyle, Byron Bay

You will arrive in Byron for a holiday and never leave. Days flow into months and months flow into years, in this treasured pocket of Australia. The world’s most stunning beaches to wish your days away- sun, salty air and soothing waves. The Byron Bay community is every colour of the rainbow, and welcome you with open arms to be immersed in their culture. The Hinterland is full of forest, creeks and rivers to explore, nurture and enjoy.

The Sienna lifestyle embodies that of the Byron Bay spirit. Good food, good coffee, early morning yoga, long days spent at the beach and balmy evenings spent with beautiful company. Our non-toxic nail polish is a gateway to share our vision of a wholesome lifestyle with the outside world. Our colour palettes are designed to allow you to live a life inspired by the Byron Bay aesthetic. We wake up to our own reality where work is inspiring and play feels like a dream and we want to bring you along with us. Follow our journey on our blog.